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Bridge to Health Blog
Bridge to Health Blog
Our Life Coach, Clotilde de Cacquery, shares one of the books that had a big impact on her, and still does: The Five Languages of Love by Gary Chapman. Find out how by understanding your languages of love, and those of your loved ones, you can improve your relationships.
As it's the New Year are you thinking about doing a detox? Uxbridge based Nutritionist, Giulietta Durante explains just exactly how our body detoxes and the best, most natural approach to undertaking a detox
Mathieu Rossano, Registered Osteopath and founder of Bridge to Health explains the physical manifestations of stress and explains how Bridge to Health and its broad clinic services can support you to tackle the curse of today's society, stress.
Do you stuggle with the change in seasons? Are you struggling to have enough energy or find yourself plagued by coughs and colds? Maybe Acupuncture is the answer. Jackie Graham, our Ealing based Acupuncturist explains how Chinese medicine takes the changes in season seriously, and explains how it might benefit you.