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Bridge to Health Blog
Bridge to Health Blog
Pregnancy is a time of great joy and huge changes both emotionally and physically. In fact, a women’s body will go through more changes in this short timeframe than any other period of her life! Therefore it is not surprising that the majority of women experience some discomfort at some point during their pregnancy.
A woman's body will experience huge changes in the relatively small 9 months that she is carrying a baby. It goes without saying that being fit and healthy throughout this time can help your body better adapt to the changing demands that will be placed on it. The following are a few tips to help you maintain optimal physical and postural health ensuring your body is able to cope as best it can throughout this time.
Sometimes life positively beams at you! Little Broomfield Road in West Ealing was amongst the two or three streets privileged in witnessing the runners of the Ealing marathon… both on their way out and their way back… and in glorious sunshine! Located at 12 Broomfield Road, Bridge to Health was open this Sunday from 8am through to 2pm so that we could cheer on the runners, provide water and deal with injuries if required. Our osteopaths Harry and Mathieu , and our life coach Clotilde joined our jeweler neighbour Alfred Winiecki to provide loud support to the 6,500 athletes.
As osteopaths, we want to see our patients heal as quickly and effectively as possible, and hopefully to educate them to manage their health more effectively in the future. In theory, that mission is accomplished at the point where we “discharge” the patient. But in practice, it’s the patient’s point of view that matters – so how do we really find out how successful we are?
Stress is almost an inevitable consequence of modern life, yet few people have any practical tools with which to manage it on a routine basis.Beyond the particulars of each specific patient presentation, one simple form of treatment stands out in the care of most, if not all, patients betraying signs of stress.
Occasionally, a patient reminds you not just of what osteopathy can do to reduce pain and improve health, but what is truly distinctive about its outlook and approach. Liz (not her real name) is a successful personal trainer with a distinguished sports career in kick-boxing and competitive weightlifting at a national level.