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Bridge to Health Blog
Bridge to Health Blog
Lynsey Metcalfe
Alexander Technique Teacher

We all have things we want to achieve - goals, dream and targets. We plan, we focus, we aim high. However, as a society, we have become very goal orientated and tend to go directly for what we want, rather than considering how we are going to get there.


Jenny Middleton
Rehabilitation Pilates Teacher

Whikst embarking on more challenging forms of activities sucj as cliff climbing, skiing, wake boarding and mountain climbing, it is predominantly the arms and legs that have to be strong enough to enable the participant to do well at their chosen sport.


Harry Rogers M.Ost Do ND
Registered Osteopath

For some of us the idea of going on a 20 minute fast walk every day can seem a daunting or crazy idea in itself; for others it's marathon's or triathlons. For a mad but great minority it's extremes like ultramarathons.
Mathieu Rossano BSc (Hons) Ost Med DO ND
Registered Osteopath and Practice Principle

At some point in our 'Journey to Health', many of us feel drawn or compelled to set ourselves a real challenge that, relative to our cruising speed, might be name 'the crazy project'. It might be entering a marathon, losing a significant amount of weight, embarking on a PhD or climbing Kilimanjaro...

Emily Fawell DiplON BANT NTC CHHC
Nutritional Therapist

Type 2 Diabetes is on the increase. This chronic disease now affects nearly 5 million people in the UK and rates of diagnosis have doubled in the last 20 years. One in 15 people in the UK has diabetes, and it is estimated that there are one million people who are diabetic but have not yet been diagnosed.
Jo Thorp
Massage Therapist

Fibromyalgia causes pain throughout the body.  Tenderness occurs in joints, muscles, tendons and other soft tissues. Whilst there is no cure for this painful syndrome, pain can be managed effectively with massage. For Fibromyalgia patients, understanding the obstacle is key.
Mathieu Rossano BSc (Hons) Ost Med DO ND
Registered Osteopath and Practice Principle

In this third newsletter of 2019, focusing on “Health is a Journey”, we want to acknowledge our many patients who are either directly affected by chronic disease, or are supporting a relative or friend in this situation.
Sian Smith M.Ost DO ND and Harry Rogers M.Ost DO ND
Registered Osteopaths

Receiving a diagnosis of rheumatoid arthritis can leave you feeling vulnerable and worried about what the future holds for your body.  The peak demographic to be diagnosed is 50, but it isn’t uncommon to be diagnosed in your early 30’s.

Jenny Middleton
Rehabilitation Pillates Teacher

It has become more recognised and accepted that Pilates can pay an important part in a client's treatment plan when it comes to managing their ongoing condition. Working alongside other health professionals' benefits can have a hugely positive impact on their life.