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Bridge to Health Blog
Bridge to Health Blog

Join us for our Ealing clinic Open Day on Thursday 18th October. We have an interesting line up of talks by the different members or our team and would love to see you!

Guest Blog – with thanks given to Malcolm Woolsey.

In February 2018 I signed up to the Abingdon Marathon and Ealing Half Marathon which marks 10 years since I had open heart surgery to put right a congenital heart valve issue. Before this operation I wasn't able to run easily but was always very active and competed on a bicycle fairly successfully. . In 2016 I ran my first ever marathon (fulfilling a life-long ambition) but struggled with injuries in the build-up to it, and during the months following. Running, for me, highlighted every weakness my body had and lead from one injury to the next. Working closely with Mathieu at Bridge to Health throughout this time - to keep me on the straight and narrow and to put me back together when broken - was a massive help.

We are thrilled to welcome Andrew Brenard to our Uxbridge team.  Andrew is a licensed Thrive Consultant™ and delivers ‘The Thrive Programme™’, a completely unique psycho-educational training programme. 

In celebration of our tenth anniversary, the Bridge to Health clinics will be open to meet and greet existing and prospective patients.  We would like you invite you to come and join us!

Jenny Middleton
Rehabilitation Pilates Teacher

There is no detour around the aging process. The fact is, as we age, we lose bone mass (Osteopenia) and gain conditions like Arthritis which result in pain and decreased flexibility in the joints.

Harry Rogers M.Ost DO ND

Registered Osteopath at Bridge To Health

When we’re young, most of us take our skeleton for granted. It may fracture or even break from time to time, but on the whole, it is an unobtrusive constant. It works tirelessly to provide both protection and pose without any real effort on our part.