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Andrew Brenard ATPC

Andrew Brenard ATPC

Thrive Consultant

Specialism: Life / Business Coaching

Specialism: Work related stress, low-self esteem

Andrew teaches his clients a unique skillset to eradicate fear, stress, and anxiety.  'The Thrive Programme' is simple to implement and has already been used to great effect by tens of thousands of people.  In six to seven weeks his clients learn the knowledge and ability to become the best version of themselves and wave goodbye to any mental wellbeing issues holding them back.
The evidence-based programme teaches you everything you need to know to take control, learn how to respond in positive and adaptive ways to the stressors and hurdles of life and create the mindset necessary to thrive.

Andrew’s in-depth knowledge and experience come from him challenging and overcoming his very own anxiety five years ago.  After many dead-end routes of underdelivering therapies and self-help books, he stumbled across The Thrive Programme.  The results he achieved were incredible, and he was inspired to change his career, so he could teach people the same life-changing skills.

Andrew is extremely effective at dealing with social anxiety, depression, insomnia and phobias to name a few.  His key area of interest is helping people optimise their performance in the modern workplace.  Whether its a client struggling during stress-related leave or working with a client to build their confidence for that big career move.  Andrew has the expertise and experience to make your goals happen.

Andrew offers a complimentary 30 minute initial consultation on the phone or in-person to discuss how he can help individuals reach their objectives.
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