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Holly Clarkson M. Ost DO ND BPA

Holly Clarkson M. Ost DO ND BPA

Registered Osteopath

Specialism: Osteopathy

Holly first discovered Osteopathy as part of her vocational dance training at the Northern School of Contemporary Dance, where modules in physical awareness were taught by an Osteopath.  Osteopathy in this context opened up a much deeper understanding of the body to help her reach professional levels of performance whilst minimising the risk of injury.


Her professional dance training and osteopathic studies afford her a unique insight into the nuances of human movement whether this be activities of daily living or physical performance at a high level.


Holly has a special interest in the biomechanical signatures that are imprinted into our bodies from our life experiences.  This can be things such as our hobbies, our work, and previous injuries. Assessing the role of the feet in relation to problems higher up in the body forms part of her approach to treatment.