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Lynsey Metcalfe

Lynsey Metcalfe

Alexander Technique Teacher

Specialism: Alexander Technique

A graduate and post-graduate of Cambridge, Lynsey worked as a Management Consultant for fifteen years. The stresses and strains she observed in the business environment inspired her to move in a new direction with her career, and she retrained as a health and wellbeing professional.

Lynsey is a qualified Alexander Technique teacher (in the Interactive Teaching Method) and teaches the Technique to both individuals and groups, helping them learn to sit, stand, walk and move with greater ease and less tension. This teaching method emphasises personal development as it relates to success in life by appealing to the student's power of reasoning and originality. The AT has long been recognised as making a distinct contribution to overall health and wellbeing and Lynsey encourages you to come and experience the improvement the AT can bring to your lives.

Lynsey is also a Master Personal Trainer and an in demand public speaker, delivering seminars on a range of health and wellbeing topics and speaking regularly at leading organisations in the world of business.