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Susan Quirke

Susan Quirke

Rehabilitation Pilates Instructor

Specialism: Pilates


I’ve been practising Pilates myself for more than fifteen years, using both reformer and mat work for a lower back problem. I was first recommended to try Pilates by a physiotherapist following a chronic back injury and I found it was the one form of exercise I was able to do without fear of movement. It provided me with the confidence to move and exercise in a safe environment.


My own experience has made me passionate about using Pilates for rehabilitation after injury and inspired me to train as a Pilates teacher. I qualified with Body Control Pilates in 2014 and then went on to qualify as a Back4good instructor in 2015. Back4good is a pilates exercise module used for the prevention and management of lower back pain. Since then I have worked with a wide range of clients, in both one-to-one sessions and group environments.


At Bridge to Health I work closely with the Osteopathic team on long-term rehabilitation and form and fitness conditioning for our patients.


I also have a degree in psychology and I am interested in working on a personal level in one-to-one and small group environments.


I look forward to working with you.

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