Client Testimonials
Laura, London

It’s the best investment I have ever made

Laura, London

'A good friend recommended that I get in touch with Andrew in late 2017 because I was at my wit's end with worry.

I was the sort of person who worried about everything that could potentially go wrong, which would have one of three outcomes:

- Not end up doing something fun or turning away paying business
- Doing it anyway but then struggling to fall sleep or waking at 3am and not being able to get back to sleep
- Taking out extra insurance in case my existing policies didn’t insure me for what I’d paid for

I was anxious, exhausted from sleep deprivation and not enjoying life at all. Everything seemed overwhelming.

I had an initial chat with Andrew over the phone, he explained his background and how the Thrive programme had helped him. By the end of the call, I knew this programme was the solution I had been looking for.

I knew that I could purchase the workbook online and read through it myself alone but I wanted to get the best possible results and was prepared to invest in myself.

Just like people hire personal trainers and business coaches to guide and hold them accountable, I was more than happy to pay to be guided by someone who is himself a product of the successful programme.

Not only were the individual sessions incredibly detailed and insightful but unlike other coaches I’ve worked with over the years, Andrew would email over action points after each session to keep me on track and focused.

If I had a temporary set back I could text Andrew so set up a pep talk and to get things back on track.

Within a few weeks of starting the course, I stopped taking sleeping pills, despite having taken them for almost 20 years! I’ve not touched one since completing the course 7 months ago.

Occasionally the odd worrying thought pops into my head but I now know how to manage them.

I feel incredibly lucky to have gone through this programme with Andrew, it’s the best investment I have ever made.'