Client Testimonials
Andy Fowkes, Director Tony Fowkes Automobiles

Testimonial for truly outstanding service

Andy Fowkes, Director Tony Fowkes Automobiles

Mathieu, just a few words to express my enormous gratitude for what you have done for me over the last two or three years.

My first visit to you was after a weekend away where I did something to my back. I’ve no idea what, but suffice to say, I was in a large amount of pain and could barely walk. During that visit you made me feel comfortable, I felt enormously confident in your abilities, you explained and talked me through things, you supported me and – amazingly - you essentially fixed me there and then. I did literally walk in, in pain and when I left, I was a different person!

Since then, I have seen you every 3 months as an insurance policy above everything else. You ‘straighten’ me out, give me lifestyle hints and tips and set me on an even keel physically and mentally. I get massive value for money from my visits to you.

It’s quite difficult for me to put into words what I see as ‘the extras’ – the additional value I get apart from having my back straightened. Probably your genuine, honest, affable personality comes into it. Your eagerness to help. The manual therapy and tips. Maybe it’s the general ‘chit chat’ that makes me feel at ease too. I can honestly say I look forward to my visits to Bridge to Health.

Mathieu, keep up the truly fantastic work.