Client Testimonials
Colin Buckingham

I was greeted with a positive friendly energy, which enthused me

Colin Buckingham

I came to Bridge to Health in a state of ill health. I had a complicated knee injury that required treatment. The injury was also impacting my back, posture and general life happiness.

My healing began upon making the decision to walking into clinic. I was greeted with a positive friendly energy, which enthused me to start my road to health here. There was no pressure or selling, just a genuine care from the team to get you well again.

I worked with the team, and they devised a tailored plan of treatments to help treat my knee. The team look at the body as a whole picture, they weren’t looking at my problems in isolation, but rather how the whole body needs to work together to deliver a full picture of health.

I worked with the team, and overtime they saw me through to make a solid recovery. The team teach you valuable healing methods such as hydrotherapy, and simple exercies to help you self –treat, which has meant not having to pay for treatments as often. The clinic prides themselves on this, and have a genuine pride in helping people discover the power of a healthy lifestyle.

I send my family members and friends to Bridge to Health with 100% confidence in that it’s the best place for healing the body and mind in an integrated fashion.

Bridge to Health has been a big part of my life over the last five years, and I am eternally grateful for how they helped fix me. I walked the bridge with them, crossed it, and then led people I love on the same journey.

Patient and now ‘friend’ of the clinic