Client Testimonials
Mr Doug Barrett Esq.

Standing tall and feeling ten years younger!

Mr Doug Barrett Esq.

Symptoms: Reduced mobility after a back injury

This is Mr Barrett’s experience of visiting the osteopath clinic in Uxbridge.

When I first arrived at Mathieu’s consulting room, I was in a very low state; I was round shouldered with bad posture, fairly pot-bellied and my self-esteem was at an extremely low ebb. Some months before I had hurt my lower back whilst gardening. Up to this point I had led a normal, active life; I could run and jump, hop and skip and now all these basic functions, which we all take for granted, were suddenly denied to me. The effect is thoroughly depressing and totally de-moralising.

A visit to my local GP got the extremely unsympathetic comment “Well, when you are past 40 you must expect this.” Not finding this helpful and as it did not solve anything – I persisted and last November (2007) persuaded another GP to send me for physiotherapy sessions which finally started last January. A lot of time was wasted before anything positive was undertaken.

A young man tried hard to alleviate the condition but the [NHS] system provides for 6-8 sessions and then one must join the queue again, waiting another two months or more until repeat sessions can be arranged. It was recommended that to expedite matters I should seek the help and advice of an osteopath. That is how I arrived late on a Friday afternoon in April on Mathieu’s doorstep.

First visit to the Osteopath

The first couple of sessions were exploratory. Mathieu is very thorough and concerns himself with the ‘whole person‘ body, mind and spirit. He commenced detailed osteopathic treatment, with much muscle manipulation and, along side this, urged me again and again to return to my GP for x-ray, blood tests, prostate tests – all of which he said should have been carried out as a matter of course.

Standing tall and feeling ten years younger!

As the weeks have progressed, my condition has improved. I now stand erect and am actually taller than Mathieu! Muscle tone has also greatly improved, I can manage a circuit of Ruislip Lido although walking still takes considerable effort and is not back to normal yet as we have still to solve the root problem.

My mental condition has greatly improved by having the support of two men – Mathieu and his partner Marcus who really care about solving my problems. This support was singularly lacking in the main-line Medical System. If it should transpire that “this is as good as it gets” I know that they will be there with genuine help and support. In October I reached the age of 70 and Mathieu, who is a really positive thinker, said “When you started here you were a 69 year old – now you are ten years younger”. It is true! He has been the guiding force throughout.

My wife had neck problems earlier this year, which has also been improved after three or four sessions. Mathieu is treating my grandson (born this year) for cranial problems and his mother too so Bridge to Health’s care now extends over three generations in this family. It was a truly blessed day when I found myself at Mathieu and Marcus’ door.

Mr Doug Barrett Esq.