Client Testimonials
Fiona Longhurst

No more back pain!

Fiona Longhurst

Symptoms: difficulty standing, walking any distance, bending over (let alone touching the floor)

This is Fiona’s experience of visiting the osteopath clinic in Uxbridge.

After suffering from lower back pain and pain in my leg for about a year I went to see a consultant and was told that I have lumber disc degeneration and a narrowing of the spiral column.

I was in severe pain and unable to stand for more than a few minutes or walk for any length of time. I was also told there was nothing that could be done apart from pain management. This lead to three sessions of facet joint injections and epidurals, but the after-effects of the epidural made we think there had to be a better way.

I saw an advert for Bridge to Health on the notice board at work and gave them a call.

First visit to the osteopath

The following day I met Mathieu and we sat down to discuss my reason for seeing an osteopath. In the first session he asked me a lot of questions to get an idea of my medical history and my lifestyle, and looked at my MRI scans.

No more back pain!

No exaggeration, the osteopathic treatments have changed my life. I saw Matthew for a period of about 3 months and each session of gentle manipulation, being taught exercises on how to strengthen my lower back and dietary advice all lead to no pain in my leg and from being only able to bend slightly at my waist on day one (in pain) I could now touch the floor (no pain!).

Matthew kept saying my improvement was down to what I had achieved for myself and he was just providing the tools for this – it’s true, if you do the exercises regularly you benefit – in the end it’s a lifestyle change for the good. That said, I am completely indebted to Matthew for the time he took teaching me how to look after myself better and I am still pain free. Do not suffer – go and get help at the beginning.

Bridge to Health is a number in my mobile but unfortunately as they did such a good job I don’t think I will need to be calling them anytime soon – which can only prove how much they have helped me – thank you.