Client Testimonials

I couldn't recommend it more highly!


I am a 45 mother of two young kids and I have my own events company so my life is pretty physical and I am on my feet a lot.


I had a shoulder injury, which required a CT scan and Cortisone injection as well as intensive physiotherapy. After many sessions with the physio he said that unless I changed the way I was using my shoulder the problem would simply reoccur.


He suggested that I try the Alexander Technique. I signed up to the 10-week introductory course, which was in a group of 6.


I can say that the experience of the course was amazing. In the first lesson Lynsey explained the concept in a very clear and calm way and it really resonated with me. Initially I had presumed that one on one sessions would be a quicker route to understanding the technique. However, the beauty of the group is that you can observe others much easier than you can actually see the way oneself is moving or using ones body.


Lynsey is a gifted and inspiring teacher who passion for the technique is clear for all to see.


I finished the course in December 2016 and my shoulder problem has gone but the course has given me something more than just alleviating my sore shoulder. It has infiltrated into my whole life and benefited everything from how I cook to how I sleep it has been life changing and I couldn’t recommend it more highly.