Client Testimonials

I was initially scared of therapy


I was initially scared of therapy and the thought of opening up all past issues that I had buried was very daunting but I quickly realised with Juliusz I had nothing to worry about. I suffer with anxiety and depression and have met with 4 psychotherapists within the last 9 months, Juliusz was the only person I felt an instant warmth towards. I immediately felt comfortable discussing all issues including very sensitive subjects I had never discussed before. Juliusz has a vast understanding of mental health issues and offers a unique perception due to his clever, analytical ways of thinking and desire to help.

I spent just 6 sessions with Juliusz and feel we "moved mountains" in this very short space. I think its important to note that I stopped my sessions with Juliusz due to him not being "trained" in CBT and I had read CBT is very effective in helping those with anxiety/depression. I have since learnt that the journey in which Juliusz was taking me through with talk therapy aids the process of changing cognitive behaviour and what we were doing together was helping me more than working with a CBT therapist has.

My small time with Juliusz felt like a journey that we explored together and I never felt alone, his support has been invaluable