Client Testimonials
Ian J Macgreave

Amazed by your genuine ability to understand where I was

Ian J Macgreave


I had to write and thank you and all your team for your support over the past months. Having recently finished treatment for oesophageal cancer, I was surprised when, along with the expected relief, I found myself feeling great trepidation and even fear of the journey ahead. I had been told that preventing recurrence was 95% diet but knew there was much more to my own journey than this.

For years I had defined a typical model of success, however I was aware that this working hard and partying harder mantra had taken its toll on me spiritually and physically, I was not feeling in a good place and knew I needed more than a nutritionist. Unfortunately I had no idea what.

Thankfully I chose your practice Bridge to Health, feeling that some treatments to complement a nutritionist’s advice would be a good place to start. I was amazed by your genuine ability to understand where I was, how I had come to be there and what I needed to do to move forward and give myself the best chance of full recovery.

I have now worked with you and your team of nutritionist and psychotherapist for a couple of months and the genuinely holistic approach is paying dividends. But more than this, I have to say you are a man full of genuine warmth and compassion who continues to support me in a way and at a pace that is completely comfortable. Your philosophy is totally embraced by the entire team who have worked together to make this journey a literally life changing experience which, looking back, would be impossible to value.

Yours in gratitude