Client Testimonials
James Flavell

When your job/work is the cause of your pain or injury

James Flavell

This is James’s experience of visiting Bridge to Health. For this case, James visited the clinic in Uxbridge three times to complete his recovery.

As a wood turner I rely on my arms for my livelihood. During the summer I damaged my elbow and reached a point where I could not hold my chisels without extreme pain. After trying my GP and a physiotherapist I turned in desperation to Mathieu at Bridge to Health. After the first session the pain relief was enough to allow me to work again and after two more treatment sessions my arm was back to normal.

I cannot recommend the service highly enough and in future won’t wait to book an appointment should I hurt myself again.

James Flavell

Our jobs and workplace are often the cause of our health complaints, particularly because of it repetitive nature or restricting good posture. Both manual workers and office-based employees are affected; for example, laptop users regularly visit our clinic with overuse injuries resulting in painful RSI (it’s not just luggage handlers at Heathrow who suffer injuries in the work place).

M.C., an accountant and Bank Executive, only required three sessions too.

I went to Bridge to Health to seek a solution to the pain I was experiencing in my back. Bridge to Health assessed my problem immediately at the initial consultation. Within 3 sessions they were able to treat my back pain which assisted in rehabilitating my overall posture. They also provided me with stretching exercises to complete, to try and ensure the back pain did not return again. Bridge to Health provided excellent value for money service.