Client Testimonials
James Russell

What pain barrier?

James Russell

Symptoms: Healthy athlete suffering very painful back pain after cycling

This is James’s experience of receiving osteopathic treatment from Bridge to Health.

I came into the clinic in Uxbridge almost as a last resort. I had entered Ironman Austria which was looming large and although the training was going well and I was fit, I was suffering from a very painful lower back from cycling for longer than a hour.

Usually, I would just grit my teeth and bear it but what was worrying me was getting off the bike after riding for 6 hours or so and then running a marathon. It was going to be very difficult if I could not even stand straight after riding for an hour!

First visit to the osteopath

I made an appointment to see if we could find out the reason behind my back pain. At the first session Mathieu went through my background and he got me to bend and move into many strange positions – I was very impressed at his methodical approach and his positive attitude. I had almost resolved myself into believing I was going to be doing this event in a lot of pain, but he was adamant we could beat it.

‘Manipulation’ can be therapeutic

Mathieu quickly diagnosed a rotated pelvis and immediately got to work on getting it right. This involved a lot of manipulation which sounds bad but is actually very therapeutic. I was also advised on stretches which would target the problem and on muscles which needed strengthening due to strength imbalances and exercises which I could perform to target those weaker muscles.

What pain barrier?

I was seeing Mathieu every week leading up to the event and each time we could see an improvement, the pain although not totally gone was subsiding. Eventually, on the final week before my taper I was planning a ride of 160 miles which would definitely test the back out, about 4 hours into the ride my brother turned to me and asked how my back was feeling and I replied that I hadn’t even thought about it, this was the breakthrough! I was ecstatic because now instead of worrying about my back I could now look forward to the event.

After one final appointment with Mathieu I was off to Austria where I had a great race and exceeded all my expectations. I’d like to take this opportunity to thank Mathieu and Marcus for their friendly support and advice and I have absolutely no hesitation in recommending them to anyone.