Client Testimonials
Kelli Chatzipani, Northern Lights LLP

The session was thoroughly insightful & practical

Kelli Chatzipani, Northern Lights LLP

We were referred to BridgeToHealth by another company in our industry. The need came from one of our employees developing symptoms of RSI so we decided to undergo a workstation assessment supported by Osteopaths. After contacting Bridge To Health, they ran through our needs and they advised on a 1-1 workstation assessment. The session was thoroughly insightful and practical. Individually we spoke about our daily schedule, work wear, commute to work. Followed by a brief standing assessment where our posture was assessed. They then looked at the chair and desk design and set up and how well this suited out needs. The session was rounded off with beneficial stretches and exercises that to make our working lives easier.

What we valued the most was the integration between workstation needs and how the body functions (or doesn't function) around office desks. Hiring an Osteopath was actually a much smarter idea than hiring someone else in the area.

We received a detailed report about 5 days later on our ergonomic set up, our general health (what we wear to work, what we carry to work, our shoes etc.) and most importantly workplace exercises targeted to our own needs. You are then granted access to other exercise videos on the website.

The techniques and exercises learnt can be applied for the rest of our working desk life and we will now treat them as part of our daily routine. We thank BridgeToHealth for the in-depth knowledge they bought to us and the professional approach they use.