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Lakshmi Samarakoon

Bridge to Health became a part of my life

Lakshmi Samarakoon

My journey with Bridge to Health began in September 2012 after developing a very painful tennis elbow resulting from a combination of heavy weights and my passion for kickboxing. The effects of this had devastating consequences on me both physically and emotionally as I am passion ate about kickboxing and was working earnestly towards my black belt. I thought my training days had come to an end. My personal trainer at the time recommended Mathieu to me and having utmost trust in her I booked an appointment.

I went to my first appointment with Mathieu in early September 2012 not really expecting that he could do very much for me considering my age (43 at the time). Much to my surprise and delight I actually felt better after only one session and it gave me hope. Of course I needed about 5 sessions before Mathieu and I were happy for me not to see him any further. I think it’s very important to mention here that I did actually listen to and implement all the advice Mathieu gave me in order prevent such an occurrence again and allow me to resume training as soon as possible. After just 6 treatments I was almost as good as new and with my new found faith in Mathieu I took his recommendation to have a maintenance appointment every 3 months which I still attend religiously. As they say prevention is better than cure and these maintenance appointments have kept me pain free considering the amount of strain I put my body through during my 5 high intensity training sessions per week. It’s incredible how the human muscular and skeletal structures can be clicked, manoeuvred and coaxed into place by an expert to allow one to live life. Of course since my tennis elbow experience my training regime has occasionally led me to develop acute pain in mainly my hips and legs. However, a quick call to Bridge to Health and a few treatments later I am always back on track. Not only do the team reset my body every 3 months but they also offer advice on how to do little things that go a long way eg. desk exercises (working as an accountant does not allow much scope for mobility during the working day) and yoga to help stretch my usually very tight muscles and as well as keep my joints relatively supple and mobile especially for the demands of a high intensity martial art.

Before Bridge to Health became a part of my life I would have to be content with over-the-counter and prescribed pain killers. Not the best solution in my opinion as too much reliance on these can cause complications later on in life and they are, after all, a temporary solution to an ongoing problem. Now I can’t even remember the last time I actually took pain killers or anti-inflammatory drugs. My maintenance appointments keep me in tip top condition for my kickboxing training and more importantly aspirations to obtain my black belts in this martial art. I am about to take my black belt 1st dan in a few weeks and have physically never felt better. Bridge to Health is instrumental in helping me achieve my kickboxing dreams as well as keeping me mobile and pain-free and building the foundations for a healthy and hopefully active retirement. I am extremely grateful to the team for this and am relieved to be able to continue my journey through life with Bridge to Health only a phone call, text or email away.