Client Testimonials

After every appointment I feel better


2 years ago I woke up with acute pain in my back, and was virtually unable to move my right arm. Not having a clue what to do / where to go I luckily stumbled across Mathieu at Bridge To Health.

After the first appointment my arm and back was much better, and after several appointments it was fully healed and pain free.

Because I spend all day at my computer, and am not very fit or flexible, I now see Mathieu 4 times a year, to stop me from getting acute pain again. After every appointment I feel better - amazing how much damage working hard, hunched over a computer, does to us.

My husband and 2 children also see Mathieu, and he's helped all of them equally. The children are all growing, and all play sport, and benefit from getting their hips or ankles or neck put back in alignment every 6 months or so. My husband does a lot of driving which has caused him all sorts of back and leg pain, which Mathieu was able to help with.

My daughter is a competitive cyclist and putting her hips back in alignment measurably increased her speed around the track.

My son plays rugby enthusiastically, and needs to really look after his ankle to stop repeated strains and injuries.