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Marc Sallet

I can only heartily recommend

Marc Sallet

My name is Marc Sallet, 47, and I am a teacher of physical education at the French School Charles de Gaulle. Like many of my colleagues, I am jaded!

Former judoka, I already had an operation of the cruciate ligaments of the knee in 1992 and ankle in 1994. Since arriving in London, my main sports are running (to keep me in shape, about 2 x 35mns week) and especially the climbing (2-3 times / week Westway).

So, I ask my body and have dealt with Mathieu Rossano repeatedly.

I thoroughly enjoyed its general approach where the first time (and since), he took the time to look at the whole body and potential through before addressing the problem of the moment.

I had surgery to cross the other knee in 2010 and did a rehabilitation work with him.

I see now every 3 months to check that all is well and to avoid and prevent injuries.

I can only heartily recommend

Enjoy !!