Client Testimonials
Mrs B, Twickenham

he now understands the importance of his diet

Mrs B, Twickenham

My 9 year old son has always been a fussy eater! This had started to go worse over the past year, leaving very little that he would try or in fact eat! He was eating mainly pasta and bread, eggs (when I could get them into him) and very few vegetables or fruit! All of which he was getting very bored with! I was recommended to visit Emily Fawell to see if she could help us.

On our first visit, Emily asked Michael to make a list of all they foods he would eat, foods he disliked and foods he would try. She also explained how he needed to be getting the correct vitamins, proteins etc from his diet. Michael is a very sporty child and she explained that to enable him to become fitter and grow he needed to widen his diet! Michael made a diet plan of the following weeks menu. We left feeling very encouraged and hopeful (especially me!).

In the following 3 weeks, Michael has tried, and eaten an amazing amount of foods, the first day following our initial assessment, he eat cod for his dinner, albeit only about a third of a piece! This has continued, and the amount he is eating has increased also. He will now eat chicken, different types of fish and trying many more vegetables! There are days when he doesn’t want to try new things, but we have made a chart detailing all the things he now eats, this helps as I say we can put on his chart and show to Emily.

I am totally amazed as how Michael has changed in the 3 weeks since our first visit, he now understands the importance of his diet, and although I had tried introducing foods in the past, it has made a much better influence on him coming from Emily! It has totally transformed meal times as he will try and eat foods that the rest of the family are eating! Although this will be a slow process the fact that he he eating small amounts of things he would never have tried before is fantastic!

I am very grateful for Emily’s help and the fact that this has not been a difficult experience for Michael, I did not want him to feel pressured into eating things! He understands now how important it is to get correct nutrients to maintain a healthily diet!