Client Testimonials
Rebecca Poulton

Mathieu got to work straight away and immediately after the session, an improvement was made which was extremely positive

Rebecca Poulton

I am a Personal Trainer and Fitness Class Instructor and I first saw Mathieu from Bridge to Health in the Summer of 2013, at his Uxbridge clinic after being recommended by a fellow Fitness Professional. I had an elbow injury which was starting to restrict activity. This was not ideal when you rely on a good working body for your job! Mathieu got to work straight away and immediately after the session, an improvement was made which was extremely positive.

However it was for a different injury that I became impressed with the treatment and care I received by Mathieu.I had a long history of back pain related to various muscle imbalances which caused my pelvis to become out of alignment almost every month, which seemed to puzzle Doctor's and Physio's alike and no long term solution had ever been stumbled upon. Aside from being painful , it was extremely annoying that no one seemed to be bothered to resolve the issue, instead feeling it was good practise to provide copious amount of anti imflammatories and a photocopied sheet of exercises. Mathieu quickly got to the root of the problem and more critically, helped me long term through encouragement ( gentle forceful persuasion initially!) and education to ensure that I looked after my body better through the use of a foam roller, regular stretching and the appropriate scheduling of treatments with him. After years of doing lots of power work specifically football, sprinting and weights, with little attention to stretching and recovery it was a situation that wasn't sustainable, particularly at a time when I had made a career change to become a Fitness Professional.

I feel that I have learnt a lot from my own treatments about my own body and the human body generally which provides confidence and also allows me to educate my clients better!

Osteopathy as a treatment, is a very "hands on" approach so you do feel like you get something tangible from the treatments and I found I was treated for the amount of times that it was appropriate, not the obligatory 6 weeks that other Medical professionals recommend which can often be unnecessary and costly in both time and money. Also if you are active, you don't want to be resting when you don't have to be!