Client Testimonials
Shaun Hare

I would highly recommend the Bridge to Health intervention & ethos

Shaun Hare

I am a 53 year old health care professional, who had the misfortune to suffer a prolapsed disc 2 years ago. I have always been very physically active and the impact of this back injury was profound. I suffered ongoing severe pain, and the subsequent impact on the overall quality of my life was significant. I am not one prone to give up on remaining positive but the unpredictability of the sciatica and impact on my work / life balance did lead to low mood, particularly when drowning in all the interventions and advice that is available. I had no faith in traditional medical treatments.

Cue: Bridge to Health in Ealing and the expert series of interventions provided by Osteopath Mathieu over a three month period, commencing November 2014. I found the whole experience a positive one , underpinned by a real sense of trust in the skills that he deployed. The symptoms and diagnostics were carefully evaluated from the first assessment and on an ongoing basis. I also realised quickly the importance of treatment "outside "of the clinic, and with Mathieu’s careful explanation and guidance committed to the programme of exercises and lifestyle advice he gave me with a real sense of purpose. After each osteopathic session, I felt truly liberated by the positive impact on my overall movement and level of discomfort.

I have made steady progress and am now able to exercise regularly at a pre injury rate. I would highly recommend the Bridge to Health intervention and ethos of individualised, bespoke Osteopathy designed around the individual’s needs.