We are now open, please call us to book and click here for more information

We are re-opening - welcome back to Bridge to Health!

We are pleased to announce that the clinic will be re-opening for osteopathy and massage appointments from Wednesday 3rd June onwards, and for all other therapies hopefully two or three weeks after that.

As of Wednesday 26th May, our clinic reception will be staffed so you can book an appointment from then on by ringing 020 3757 6544 (Ealing) or 01895 2000 50 (Uxbridge)

If you are an existing patient and your last appointment had to be cancelled during the lockdown period, your osteopath or our reception team will be trying to call you to offer a rescheduled appointment.

However, please appreciate that for quite some time ahead, we will need to operate on a limited schedule of appointments to respect social distancing requirements and protect both our patients and therapists.

What has changed to ensure infection control?

  1. Before booking appointments, we will use screening questions to assess whether we can treat you without endangering your health and ours. If it is not appropriate or safe to offer hands-on treatment, we will offer you the alternative of a telephone consultation.
  2. We will avoid using our waiting room, so will ask you to arrive right on time for your appointment and wearing a face mask. Your osteopath will greet you, check your temperature and go through the screening questions again to check you can be safely treated on the day.
  3. We will stagger patient arrival and departure times so that social distancing can be enforced.
  4. We have purchased clinic equipment such as couch and pillow covers that can be easily sanitized after every appointment. Clinic linen will no longer be used other than in sanitized liners.
  5. Treatment rooms and anything else that patients may touch, such as door handles, will be thoroughly sanitized between appointments.
  6. Osteopaths will be wearing face masks and visors.
  7. Reception staff will also be wearing face masks.
  8. We will require you to pay using a contactless card to avoid touching the payment terminal; regretfully, we cannot accept cash.
  9. Clinic staff will not come to work if there is any suspicion of viral symptoms, or if they suspect they have been in contact with anyone within their social distancing bubble who has symptoms. Appointments with alternative therapists will then be offered.
  10. You are asked not to attend appointments if you have any suspicion of viral infection and to cancel your appointment as soon as possible.  There will be no cancellation fees for short-notice cancellations in these circumstances.
  11. We are trying to reduce paper passed between the clinic and patients, so will be using electronic communication for form filling, appointment notifications, receipts, etc.

What if you need our help whilst self-isolating, do not want a face-to-face appointment, or do not live locally to Bridge to Health?

We will be continuing to offer the online osteopathy consultations which we have used successfully and effectively with so many patients during lockdown.

These appointments last up to 30 minutes and will cost £40.

  • You will be given instructions to help you prepare for the video call.
  • We will again start the session by assessing whether you can safely benefit from the online consultation; if that is not the case, we will refer you to the appropriate health services.
  • We will follow up the consultation with an email summarizing the advice given during the session.