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Jenny Middleton
Rehabilitation Pilates Teacher

When it comes to getting motivated to go to an exercise class or the gym I believe it is fair to say that there can be a reluctance for quite a lot a people. Best intentions to be fitter and healthier often coming second place to old habits.  I think we’re all guilty of saying “I’ll start next week” when talking of a new regime.

Emily Fawell DiplON BANT NTC CNHC
Nutritional Therapist

One of the more memorable health initiatives that the government has publicised over the last 10 years has been the 5-a-day campaign. This campaign was born of the World Health Organisation’s recommendation that people should be eating 400g of fruit and vegetables every day in order to lower risk of heart disease, stroke, type 2 diabetes and obesity. Low fruit and vegetable intake is among the top 10 risk factors for global mortality and is responsible for 14% of gastrointestinal cancer deaths, 11% of heart disease deaths, and 9% of stroke deaths.

Deborah Kerr BACP UKRCP
Registered Counsellor / Psychotherapist

Is there a difference in the male/female networks when it comes to supporting personal goals? What ‘kicks’ are those close to us getting when they’re looking to derail your goals – is it intentional?  “Just have one drink / one cigarette / a night off from the gym”. Can we use both positive and negative responses to our plans to boost our performance overall?

Sian Smith M.Ost DO ND
Registered Osteopth

We all have aspirations to improve our health, whether we view it this way or not. Even the most ‘unhealthy’ of us will want to eat one less takeaway a week or cut down on a few cigarettes each day.

Whilst there are known social obstacles to our health goals (your best friend persuading you for a catch up over an Indian, an impromptu after-work drink(s) on your Pilates evening...), one of the biggest obstacles can be our own will. Who hasn’t talked themselves out of that 5k because it’s raining? Or thought, ‘I’ll start the diet next week’ because there are too many yummy treats knocking about in the cupboard?

Mathieu Rassano BSc (Hons) Ost Med DO ND
Registered Osteopayh and Practice Principle

If you have journeyed with us in our 2019 newsletter editions, you will agree we now have our health journey mapped and our health strategy nailed! We’ve overcome procrastination, considered our health objectives at every angle and created a dashboard to measure progress.
  We will not even let chronic conditions deter us from aiming for improved wellbeing.  So, we’re on course for success? Well almost…
Julia Milovanova Palmer BSc (Hons), MSPP
Medical Herbalist

Bridge to Health Medical Herbalist Julija Milovanova-Palmer gave a speech at the International Dental Forum that took place on 15-17 July 2019 in London. Julija presented a review titled “Is there a role for herbal medicine in the treatment and management of periodontal disease?” based on her article published in the Journal of Herbal Medicine in June 2018.

Mathieu Rossano BSc (Hons) Ost Med DO ND
Registered Osteopath and Practice Principle

Are you running the Ealing Half Marathon? Do you want to win a personalised race preparation package? 
Deborah Kerr BACP UKRCP
Registered Counsellor / Psychotherapist

I might want the challenge to climb Kilimanjaro. I get really excited about going, and start my programme for all the necessary preparation, but halfway up, I might begin to scream 'why the hell did I think this was a good idea?!' 
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