Other Manual Therapy Techniques
Other Manual Therapy Techniques

Other Manual Therapy Techniques

In the course of treatment, the osteopath will also use other hands-on techniques to ensure that the patient reacts as positively and rapidly as possible to treatment. These techniques include:

Muscle energy techniques (MET)

Submitting a muscle or group of muscles to a sequence of moderate active resistance and stretching to ensure healthier muscle resting tone, improved muscle function and overall body balance.


A sequence of applying and maintaining pressure on a muscle whilst bringing it to a position of rest, enabling that muscle to release itself from both tension and pain.

Lymphatic drainage

A form of gentle massage and “pumping” motion on specific areas of the body to enhance healthy flow of the lymphatic system, which is key to ensuring effective body waste elimination and immunity

Deep tissue massage

Massage technique using firm pressure and focussing on areas of tension and pain to ensure the release of chronic muscle tightness.

Exercise Videos

We have selected the exercises we most frequently advise our patients to do and turned them into short video clips.

bridge to health excercise video