Refer A Friend Scheme

We are truly grateful to patients who recommend us to their friends and relatives. In future, when you do so, we would like to offer you a £20 discount on your following treatment. Next time you visit us, please ask our receptionist or your practitioner for a "refer a friend" card. Simply fill in your name and that of the person you are referring and ask your friend to hand it to their practitioner at their first appointment. We will then contact you to confirm your discount.


The “Refer a Friend” scheme is open only to existing Bridge to Health patients referring a friend or relative for treatment to Bridge to Health.
To be valid, a referral must be a new patient rather than an existing one
For this person to benefit from the £20 discount, the relative or friend referred must simply notify Bridge to Health personnel of the name of the person referring them on their first visit, either verbally or by handing the completed “Refer a Friend” card on their first visit.
The fee reduction only applies to one treatment of your choice at Bridge to Health.
Fee discounts cannot be cumulated – i.e. you cannot request a £40 reduction with two “Refer a Friend” cards.  However, there is no limit on the number of “Refer a Friend” cards – i.e. treatments reduced by £20 – that you can redeem provided they are valid.
The “Refer a Friend” discount cannot be cumulated with another – e.g. corporate – discount.
The “Refer a Friend” discount offer is valid for three months from the date of the referral’s first visit to Bridge to Health.