What We Stand For
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What We Stand For

At Bridge to Health Osteopaths in Ealing and Uxbridge, we share the following commitments towards you, our client:

  • To be professional, personable, optimistic, encouraging and affirmative
  • To respect your integrity and uniqueness as an individual
  • To act in your interests at all times, and exclusively
  • To affirm and support your chosen life-style, rather than try and curtail it
  • To view “pain” in the broad sense as a cry of attention from the body and, on occasion, the mind
  • To chase long term “whole” health, not merely fight disease
  • To go beyond treating mere symptoms and seek to address the root causes of a complaint, as well as broader aspects of lifestyle and health such as nutrition, exercise, posture management and mindset
  • Where relevant, to help and support you progress on your path of life: although each of us is individual and distinctive, most of us end up settling for a limited set of jobs or life opportunities – but what if you were to identify that elusive, perfectly matching “square hole” life opportunity?

Bridge to Health’s other mission is to export its expertise in ergonomics, stress and health management into the workplace, delivering education workshops and health assessment services “at the coal face” – for more information, consult the “Bridge to Health in the Workplace” website.